Plumbicon Broadcast Tubes

Plumbicon camera tubes revolutionized television broadcast when they were invented in the early 1960’s. However, these tubes are no longer used in new broadcast equipment and Narragansett Imaging no longer manufactures Plumbicon tubes for this application (although Plumbicon tubes are still manufactured for medical imaging applications).

However Narragansett Imaging does still hold an inventory of Plumbicon broadcast tubes to be used as spares. This list is the complete selection of Narragansett Imaging’s Plumbicon broadcast tubes still in inventory.

If you are currently using a different style of tube then please refer to our cross reference guide or e-mail with questions:

For ordering information please contact Narragansett Imaging or your nearest distributor.

1075R XQ1410B XQ1410G XQ1410R
XQ1413R XQ1415R XQ1427B XQ1427G
XQ1427R XQ1430B XQ1430R XQ1435R
XQ1500B XQ1500G XQ1500R XQ1505R
XQ2070/02B XQ2075/02R XQ2070/05G XQ2075/05R
XQ2070/05B XQ2427B XQ2427G XQ2427R
XQ3070/02B XQ3075/02R XQ3070/05B XQ3070/05G
XQ3070/05R XQ3075/05R XQ3427B XQ3427G
XQ3440B XQ3440G XQ3445R XQ3457B
XQ3457G XQ3457R XQ3467B XQ3467G
XQ3477B XQ3477G XQ3477R XQ3487G
XQ3550B XQ3550G XQ3555R XQ4187B
XQ3430B XQ3430G XQ3435R P8454HG
P8455AR P8455RF P8400B P8400HG