Camera Tubes

Narragansett Imaging is the only company in the world that manufactures Plumbicon camera tubes. We manufacture a full line of premium Plumbicon camera tubes for x-ray imaging and other diagnostics. In comparison to other image tube technologies, Plumbicon tubes offer high resolution, low lag and superior image quality.

Although Newvicon and Vidicon tubes are also available from Narragansett Imaging many of our Plumbicon tubes can operate as direct replacements for Saticon, Vidicon and Newvicon tubes. See the cross reference chart to find the correct Plumbicon tube for your application.

Narragansett Imaging also still offers camera tubes for Broadcast cameras.

For ordering information please contact Narragansett Imaging or your nearest distributor.

Background Information. Details of the inner workings of Narragansett Imaging's Plumbicon camera tubes together with operational notes and details of Narragansett Imaging’s test specifications.

Plumbicon Medical Tubes. Narragansett Imaging is the world’s only manufacturer of Plumbicon tubes. Here is a complete list of the Plumbicon tubes currently available from Narragansett Imaging.

Newvicon Tubes. Newvicon was developed as an improved form of Vidicon tube with high sensitivity and a near-infrared spectral response. Here is a complete list of the Newvicon tubes available from Narragansett Imaging.

Vidicon Tubes. Vidicon Tubes are the most common type of camera tube, offering good resolution, moderate lag and low image distortion. Here is a complete list of the Vidicon tubes available from Narragansett Imaging.

Tube Cross Reference Guide. No matter what type of tube you are using (e.g. Saticon, Primicon) it is likely that Narragansett Imaging has a Plumbicon replacement. This guide lists Plumbicon equivalents to many popular tubes.

Plumbicon Broadcast Tubes. Although no longer manufactured, we still carry an inventory of these award winning camera tubes. Here is a complete list of the Plumbicon broadcast tubes available from Narragansett Imaging.